Sew Much Fun!

Kid's Sewing Class

Kids will learn to sew in a fun environment!
They will bring a project home everyday! Sewing kit required. This will be provided for each student. These classes will be four 2 hour classes (8 total hours).

A class for adults who are inexperienced sewers. You will learn to use a pattern and sewing machine. You will also learn to install zippers, buttons, and elastic. A sewing kit is required. This will be included in your class fee. The session will include four 2 hour classes (8 total hours). Come learn in a relaxed environment!

Come learn how to read a pattern! Understanding a pattern will open your sewing world wide! Learn to read a store bought pattern or online PDF to create custom items! Must have a basic knowledge of sewing and using a machine.

Learn to sew clothing for babies and kids. Make custom clothes for your little ones! This class is for somewhat experienced sewers. Sewing kit required and provided with class fee.